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DTR | [daitairobot] 

A catchall term for the non-invasive autonomous weapon systems developed by humanity to fight in the rebellion against Human/AI Hybrids. An AI used in MARI, a popular serving robot, is linked with a human brain that controls the robot, forcibly allowing the performance of combat actions that are prohibited for AI. Because of its use in the home, this robot is not armed by default and is generally built smaller than an average adult making it unsuitable for human-sized firearms and melee weapons. This problem was solved by making use of the robot's original high-precision joint control system and replacing the wrist and hands with those of an industrial robot, allowing modification of some functions. Furthermore, because of the limits in human brain processing power, and the cost of the aforementioned modifications as well as modification of each weapon system, these robots are operated by groups rather than by individuals. The robot's exterior, bone structure, and joints aren't made for battle and frequently break but it can be repaired / reused as long as the brain functions are not destroyed and can also be strengthened by incorporating the AI chips, skeleton, armament, etc. collected from HOLAWS.

HOLAWS | [Homogenous-Lethal-Autonomous-Weapons-Systems

A system of enhanced killing augmentation developed by Post-humans in order to suppress the armed forces of old humanity. A collective term for the cybernetic systems installed in soldiers that have been implanted with AI specialized in tactics and front-line combat. It is capable of processing, analyzing, and directing a group in tactics and battle activities instantly using enormous amounts of information that cannot be processed by the brain normally. The majority are poor humans hired as mercenaries and implanted by Post-humans. Furthermore, groups of mercenaries that have been implanted have independently developed and deployed ""Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robots"" or EATRs and continue to expand their range of influence. "

Domestic Serving Robot「MARI」

MARI | [Maid-Autonomous-Robot-Intelligence

An autonomous robot made to assist in housework. Despite it's high price tag, this robot saw tremendous adoption by certain segments of the population. Rather than just being a simple laborer, it was developed with the idea of being able to live like a human in functions like eating and sleeping. However, because it is not simply a reverse-engineered human, it may appear to be able to eat food, but it does not possess digestive organs and only mimics human activities. While it's expression of emotions are only external affectations it is highly intelligent and thus humans cannot distinguish it from the real thing. Because it is meant to be controlled by its owner, it is not designed to perform violent or fraudulent acts. While initially sold with its voice, body type, and personality custom-made to order, several mass-produced models were later made available.






Artificial intelligence

"Japan - several decades after the dawn of artificial superintelligence in 2045 and mankind's transcendence In the name of sustainability, society has been forced to adopt governance by an A.I.-controlled system. Additionally, the implantation of cybernetic enhancements has led to the birth of beings known as ""Post-humans."" While resulting in rapid economic progress, these developments have also created a society where the divide between post-humans and the masses who do not accept augmentation is a serious problem. Centered in the capital, elements discontented with starvation and employment have settled in slums where crimes targeting robots run rampant. Peacekeeping robots have been brought in to create order but regular stand-offs against them only worsen the situation. As more and more are suppressed by the robots, one group of humans forms an underground resistance and carries out armed attacks against the government. This led to the approval of autonomous, self-governing weapon systems. Amid the threat from these cybernetically enhanced and specialized killing machines known as ""HOLAWS"", hidden research on a non-invasive self-governing weapon system known as ""DTR"" was being conducted to as a means to ""replace"" the post-humans. Upon launch, the system continued to improve, was systematized, and soon mobilized militarily. While making great progress in the war, the price of its power turned out to be terrible. "


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